Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Projects update on my Website

In the process of updating some of my work for clients on my websites and on You can now view 32 individual projects with thousands of surnames. Some were more productive than others and have posted requests for information on some of the lines. Of course none of them are "finished", since that is near impossible. There is much more that can be done. As I am revisiting the previous work, there is nearly always more fleshing out that can be added to what was done in the past. New records are available that were not previously. Some of the work was done at no charge to clients for various reasons and at this point is in the thousands of dollars. It was of no value to me but is still important and is included there.

 I have been following the progress on the 1940 Census with great interest, and reporting it here and on Twitter. It is gratifying to see the amazing amount of time being donated for this great cause! Thanks to FamilySearch for the statistics they supply on the project. I am also grateful to them for making so many records available to search online. The project to digitize and index all the film in the Mountain Vault is going better than anticipated and will be a great blessing to those searching for their family roots. These records are original documents or copies of same and are priceless. Some of what was filmed no longer exists. The experience with fires has shown the value of filming records (1890 Census). The filming continues as we speak, but is now done with digital equipment which saves a step in the process of making them available to search. Technology will continue to be used to advantage as it becomes available.

Happy hunting everyone!!!

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