Friday, August 3, 2012

1940 Census report

Here is the latest report from FamilySearch on 1940 Census:

Many of you have asked where we are with the indexing of the 1940 US Census project. Looking on the FamilySearch indexing page, you’ve seen that you can no longer find 1940 census batches to index or arbitrate on the indexing site. You’ve also seen that the interactive map has not changed for the past 2 weeks. Please be assured that progress is being made.
We have indeed finished all of the indexing and arbitration of the 1940 US Census. The remaining few weeks will be used to finish the processing tasks that have to be done to make the indexes  as accurate as possible and completely searchable. The folks at Church headquarters are hard at work getting these tasks done as quickly as possible.
On Monday, August 6, we will post 6 new states. These states include Arkansas, Washington DC, Missouri, New York, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia.  As it looks now, we will have two more releases before the end of the month, at which time the entire census index will be posted as a searchable index.
Once again we want to thank the tens of thousands of you who have worked so hard to help create this valuable census index. Collectively, we’ve shattered dozens of records. If anyone would have said that we could have started and completed a project like this in just 5 months without outsourcing any part of this collection, no one would have believed it. But we did it, thanks to the help of people like you. We had more than 150,000 indexers take part, some of whom indexed more than 100,000 records by themselves. This truly was a remarkable experience.
As we bring this project to a close, we hope that you will continue to index some of the other collections we currently have available. Now that you have been trained and have such great experience indexing and arbitrating, we invite you to continue using your skills to make more records freely available to all who want to discover their ancestors and their history.

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