Sunday, September 23, 2012

Fragmentation of Efforts

After spending some time with Twitter, it is clear that there is very little concentration of effort for mutual benefit of researchers and those offering to help with the search. There are obvious exceptions to that observation:
  • Cyndis List-Links to sites all over the planet
  • Generous Genealogists (new site to offer genealogy help for free)
  • (huge data bases-paid site)
  • GeneaBloggers and other independent bloggers working to get the word out
  • FamilySearch and Wiki ( Billions of free records, increasing daily)
If you are really interested in consolidating information to be readily available, support efforts to digitize and index records. That process can be costly, but there are organizations that will perform that service at no cost to the archive. The financial problems with State and local governments is only going to make the access problems much worse! The recent uproar over Georgia is a prime example of what is in store as localities slash budgets.

The very size of Cyndi's List suggests that there is a serious need for consolidation. We could add to the paid sites but that excludes all but those with the funds to spend on something that might take food out of their mouths.

If you have research information to share, one place to consider is the FamilySearch Wiki. They welcome new information or additions to what is currently there. Have you looked at their offerings? Have you contributed?

If you are a researcher, consider using that great resource and those who can, to contribute to it.

We wish you well in all your family history work...

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