Wednesday, May 22, 2013

FamilySearch Fan Chart

FamilySearch’s Fan Chart Wins Big Fans

Fan Chart Icon 2The unique interactive fan chart provides a way to visualize your ancestry differently than the traditional pedigree chart. It provides a way to quickly recognize visual clues regarding missing lines on your Family Tree.
The fan chart shows the main person at the center of the chart. Their spouse and children are also displayed. The ancestors of the main person expand out for four generations. You can reposition anyone in the fan chart to be the person of focus and visualize his or her ancestry.
Any individual shown on the fan chart can be clicked on to bring up their basic information. By clicking on an person you will also be directed to the person’s full page, which shows all the information about that person including vital information, relationships, sources, photos, and stories.
You can also print the fan chart from the browser now. Soon, FamilySearch will provide a larger, seven generation fan chart that will be printable.

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