Monday, March 27, 2017

A modest proposal for healthcare

Health Maintenance Plan

In the debate surrounding health insurance the focus needs to be on Health. The following is a suggestion on improving general health of the populace and thus reducing costs:

Everyone gets a free physical with their physician yearly in birth month
During that visit there will be a survey completed to include
relevant health information such as:

Sex with multiple partners
Alcohol use
Pain Medication
Cholesterol Levels
Blood pressure
Blood sugar
Sun exposure
Other risky behaviors

Each item will have a ten point score and when combined will give
a total overall health score

That score could be linked to SS# in national dbase for use by
insurers to determine rates for the individual

There will be an incentive to reduce risky behavior because the scores will be lower
for those who are healthy and those who are living healthy lives
and thus premiums will be lower fo them

In addition the cost of care needs to be reduced by limiting the cost of drugs
that will be reimbursed. If no one will pay for a drug, the maker will
be forced to price the drug fairly

Overall care cost will be reduced as the population's health improves by
yearly monitoring and health suggestions by providers

The coding system for digital records is out of hand and needs to be
simplified, not made more difficult

For this plan to work all must have insurance to be seen by a provider
or hospital and thus will require some type or finacial

assistance for some to be insured

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